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Need to Send a Self-Destructing Email?

Yeah, I don’t either, but you might want to keep this link around in case someone makes it on your “S**t List”.


Oh, Now This is Just WRONG…

But kinda funny too.  At least they are donating the proceeds of all sales to his defense fund.

Jeremy Allison Slagged by Apple for Running SLED?

Yep, they (Apple) invited his Samba-ness for a preso, and then demanded that he not run it on Linux, SUSE in particular with all the 3d Desktop etc, and canceled his preso because he wouldn’t cave.  Article Link.

Does Your Server Room Look Like This?

Funny thing is, I HAVE seen a number of such arrangements like this travesty of a server room.  Send in your fave’s and I’ll post them!

Now THIS is a headline you don’t see every day….

11 dead, 100 injured in kite flying festival

WTF?  I really had to read the article after THAT headline.  It’s like hearing that drunken brawling and corruption occurred at a Knitting Convention, the two just don’t go together!

Who knew that the world of kite-flying could be so rough and tumble, that coating kite strings with ground glass would lead to bets and gunfire…