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How To Use FireFox

Great article, print out and hand to your least favorite IE apologists so they can get a clue.


Think You Know All About Online Scams? Take the Test.

Thankfully, I passed with flying colors.  See how you do, and then administer the test to the people in your life that apparently don’t understand the concept of “DON’T CLICK ON ANYTHING PROMISING A THING THATS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”, and help educate them.

How to Find Things Outside of Google’s Reach

What to do when things you are searching for don’t show up in Google, but they do exist on the web.  This is called “dark-searching” or “extra-google” searching.

9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do with Wikipedia

From Neomeme. I truly love the cartoon showing the typical research path…

PC World’s 100 Blogs We Love

Great list, I don’t see MY blog on it, though….

FaceBook or LinkedIn?

I personally use LinkedIn, but am getting a FaceBook account just in case, sort of like the guy who joined 50+ religions before he died, just in case….

Check out these 20 Ways to Use LinkedIn Productively.

Timeline of Browsers

Fun, remember when you first saw the web?  Our generations version of “where were you when JFK got it?”