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Need to Send a Self-Destructing Email?

Yeah, I don’t either, but you might want to keep this link around in case someone makes it on your “S**t List”.


We’re Sure to Win Now…

The venerable and somewhat bombastic Rev. Al Sharpton has announced that he will be campaigning for Linux adoption and for more hardware companies to provide linux device driver support.

Oh boy, this means large protests with full choirs outside of BroadComm headquarters, now all we need is for him and ESR to get together, it’ll be fun, that’s for sure.  Stay tuned for more, Youtube at 11:00.

Is 2008 REALLY the Year of Linux?

You know me, I’ve been on a Linux desktop for ages (well and some Mac’s too, but it’s all *nix) and I’ve definitely seen the benefits.  So I don’t know what all the hullabaloo is about with all the people trying to predict what year will be the Year of the Linux Desktop.  Start installing and showing people how it works and make it relevant: Less to no viruses/spyware, much lower cost, has to be refreshed less often, sexy (chicks dig it) etc.

Well, except for that last one, those are valid points.

Oh, Now This is Just WRONG…

But kinda funny too.  At least they are donating the proceeds of all sales to his defense fund.

How to Find Things Outside of Google’s Reach

What to do when things you are searching for don’t show up in Google, but they do exist on the web.  This is called “dark-searching” or “extra-google” searching.

9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do with Wikipedia

From Neomeme. I truly love the cartoon showing the typical research path…

PC World’s 100 Blogs We Love

Great list, I don’t see MY blog on it, though….