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Need to Send a Self-Destructing Email?

Yeah, I don’t either, but you might want to keep this link around in case someone makes it on your “S**t List”.


9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do with Wikipedia

From Neomeme. I truly love the cartoon showing the typical research path…

PC World’s 100 Blogs We Love

Great list, I don’t see MY blog on it, though….

Timeline of Browsers

Fun, remember when you first saw the web?  Our generations version of “where were you when JFK got it?”

Windows Vista Cracked. Youtube at Eleven

Dang, this sure didn’t take long.

More fun with Kernel Source and grep

Some seriously funny stuff, anyone who ever took a Linux class with me knows about grepping the kernel source for expletives, it’s the BEST way to learn how to use grep…

Forty Foundations for the Future of OSS

An excellent set of resources for those involved in or creating content around Open Source Software.