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Think You Know All About Online Scams? Take the Test.

Thankfully, I passed with flying colors.  See how you do, and then administer the test to the people in your life that apparently don’t understand the concept of “DON’T CLICK ON ANYTHING PROMISING A THING THATS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”, and help educate them.


One Porn Site Per Child

We knew this would happen, the OLPC’s in some 3rd world countries are being used to freely and copiously view adult-oriented sites, according to some reports.

Time to fit them up with library filters, and start the lawsuits about free speech, oh, er, they don’t have our constitution, bill of rights or the amendments.  Never mind.

We’re Sure to Win Now…

The venerable and somewhat bombastic Rev. Al Sharpton has announced that he will be campaigning for Linux adoption and for more hardware companies to provide linux device driver support.

Oh boy, this means large protests with full choirs outside of BroadComm headquarters, now all we need is for him and ESR to get together, it’ll be fun, that’s for sure.  Stay tuned for more, Youtube at 11:00.

Oh, Now This is Just WRONG…

But kinda funny too.  At least they are donating the proceeds of all sales to his defense fund.

Life at Google: A Microsoftie’s View

Wow, talk about from the frying pan to the fire…  Some guy goes from working at MS to working for a startup and they get snarfed by The Goog, and he writes about it.

Now THAT’s funny….

Jobs or Job?  You decide…

Timeline of Browsers

Fun, remember when you first saw the web?  Our generations version of “where were you when JFK got it?”