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How To Use FireFox

Great article, print out and hand to your least favorite IE apologists so they can get a clue.


Nautilus Can Do More

Although NOT my favorite File Manager, see my article on the OPS Team Blog “File Managers: Alternatives to Nautilus and Konqueror” for why, Nautilus can be taught to be less stodgy.

A Simple Intro to Device Drivers in Linux

I really enjoyed this article, except for the fact that it’s examples were based on Debian.  Useful nonetheless.

GConf – GNOME Under the Hood

Ever wondered what all the settings inside GConf do?  Wait no more, this article will help you understand GNOME’s inner workings.

How to Find Things Outside of Google’s Reach

What to do when things you are searching for don’t show up in Google, but they do exist on the web.  This is called “dark-searching” or “extra-google” searching.

9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do with Wikipedia

From Neomeme. I truly love the cartoon showing the typical research path…

Sync Your FFox Bookmarks and Extensions Across Computers!

Love this, especially the sync of extensions, extremely valuable for me with 4 computers to keep track of.