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We’re Sure to Win Now…

The venerable and somewhat bombastic Rev. Al Sharpton has announced that he will be campaigning for Linux adoption and for more hardware companies to provide linux device driver support.

Oh boy, this means large protests with full choirs outside of BroadComm headquarters, now all we need is for him and ESR to get together, it’ll be fun, that’s for sure.  Stay tuned for more, Youtube at 11:00.


What About OpenSUSE?


Certification On the Upswing Again

Article about Certs kicking it up again.  Hmm, thought it was almost dead, or so you’d think by the dearth of news about Certification these days.  Interview with Jim Lacey of LPI about the topic too.

SP1 for SUSE Linux Enterprise is Out


Jeremy Allison Slagged by Apple for Running SLED?

Yep, they (Apple) invited his Samba-ness for a preso, and then demanded that he not run it on Linux, SUSE in particular with all the 3d Desktop etc, and canceled his preso because he wouldn’t cave.  Article Link.

Did you start out as a Slack-er?

I did, great article about Slackware and other OSes.