The Linux Kernel Swear Word Count

Ok, so this is a slightly less volatile version of the old Linux Kernel F**k Count, which you can find here.

I just love the fact that you can install the source and run the following command (with variations) to see the amount and variety of swear words that appear in the Linux Kernel.

I used this for many years in my classes/bootcamps to teach people how to use the grep command, we’d start out looking for the phrase “idiot” and somewhere along the way we’d see a few instances of the F-word and then jump straight to searching for those, since the cat was out of the bag.

Loads of fun, and right up there with the first 15 minutes of Full Metal Jacket for distracting you on a “bad-server” day. When I wrote the latest book, LPIC Level 1 Exam Cram 2, they made me search only for things like “idiot”, anything else was too likely to be upsetting to someone out there. Don’t want to be the tech-book version of Salmon Rushdie…


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